Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Long time no post

I have not posted on here in such a long time - thanks Neha for reminind me it has been six months. Since this is where I rant about all things that get on my nerves perhaps I have had a lovely vacation from wrath. NOPE! Just have been soooo busy and way too tired to do one more thing. But today I am back because I felt compelled to write. In the spirit of the Thanksgiving - I will talk about what I am thankful for while blowing off steam about dummies. I am thankful for the fact that even in my stupid 20's it never occured to me that if someone I liked did not like me that it was somehow another woman's fault. Hell even in high school it never crossed my mind. It never occurred to me to stake a claim in a person at all much less make a fool of myself declaring ownership of someone to someone who the object of my desire obviously desired more than me.

So back to what pissed me off enough to get off my lazy non blog writing butt...I got a crazy phone call from some lunatic who says she is involved with my ex. A little background - I have not seen or spoken to this person (the ex) in over two years and we have not seen each other in God only knows how long. I am friends with all of my exes so it was not at all surprising when he reached out to say hello for the holiday. Before I could return the call I saw that I missed another call from him. Instead of his pleasant well wishes there was a message threatening me with boldily harm because she was with him now - WHAT!!! Hilarious! Coming from a grown-up it is even funnier. I am not mad because I do recognize that dummies walk among us - I am mad that there are still women who have such low self esteem - how sad that her only recourse for feeling jealous or threatened was to take a cell phone, scan the outgoing calls, assume something sinister and loose her freakin' mind by calling me. I laughed out loud when I heard the message and saved it for giggles later shaking my head all the time.

So Ladies on this holiday eve be thankful that you have not stooped so low ever hopefully but if you ever have been driven to this type of dumbness hopefully you have outgrown it.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

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